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Capsules? Lipstick? Power bank?


Capsules? Lipstick? Power bank?


1. Four digital power indicators help you keep track of the power at any time.
2. USB-C port and Type-C plug can be in and out.
3. Small and exquisite appearance, like a pill, easy to carry.Sleek, compact and lightweight.
4. Fast charging, multiple protections, etc.Provides users with a more convenient and safer charging experience.
5. The performance is very outstanding. It has efficient and stable charging capabilities and can charge many kinds of devices.At the same time, it also has multiple protections such as anti-short circuit, anti-overvoltage, and anti-overcurrent to ensure user safety.
6. Easy to use, easy to carry, and fast charging.It can also save time for users and meet their charging needs anytime and anywhere.